PDF Testimony of parents regarding GNLD Neolife Vita Squares and Vita Gard.

Olaso Child Study Inc, Calamba, Laguna, Philippines (2014)


Mrs Bejosano (mother of Khristian Bejosano)


Mothers like us want our children to be always healthy and free from sickness that is why we are always trying a very effective medicine for our children to take. I gave Vita Squares to Khristian to try and see the effectiveness of it.  Ever since Khristian started on Vita Squares I saw a great deal of changes.  His mood became placid and there was a great improvement in his physical appearance/physique more fat and energetic.


He improved socially more friendly, played and mingled with his classmates, more energetic, no more cold and flu, had good appetite. GNLD Vita Sqaures has helped my child so much.  Thank you teacher Evelyn for introducing the food supplement.


Mrs Gloria Pastores (mother of Gretchen Pastores)


I tried the GNLD Vita Squares which was highly recommended by Teacher  Evelyn. Initially

I want to see if my Gretchen's cold will get better.  Everytime she gets the cold she also

have some skin rashes all over her body.  I have to take her to doctor which will prescribed antibiotics straight away, the kid will get better but after a month its back all over again.


I am very grateful to Teacher Evelyn for encouraging me to try the product because since then I never taken my child to see the doctor.  One time she had cold I just increased the dosage.  I have stopped giving my child other prescribed and of the counter medications except the Vita Sqaures. It is very effective to my Gretchen.  She's bubbly, happy, had

good appetite, put on weight, beautiful and her flawless complexion. 

Thanks to Vita Sqaures.  Thank you Teacher Evelyn!!!!


Christy Mendoza (Grandmother of Christian Mendoza)


Before Christian started taking Vitagard, my grandchild has cold and cough all the time.  We were always at his Paedetrician.  ...just before he finish the first bottle of Vitagard my grandchild become very active, playful and healthy looking. From then we haven't been back to his paediatrician. He's no longer sickly and I've noticed that he is very much interested in studying.  Thank you to Vitagard.....you've made my Christian healthy!


Mrs Fatima Daley (Mother of Prince Aaron)


On the first day of school day, Teacher Evelyn noticed that my son Aaron has a very severe cold and cough.  She then recommended to me to try to give my son Vita Squares and see

if it will helped him get rid of the flu.


Surprise!!! After one week he get rid of the flu and become more energetic, happy, participating in the class and most of all have good appetite.


This is just a summary - Download the full text PDF HERE


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